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Characterization of Throughfall Heterogeneity in a Transitional Cloud Forest in Costa Rica

Amélie Berger, Natalie Teale, Oliver Frauenfeld, Anita Rapp, Steven Quiring, Brendan Roark, Sarah Bleakney, and Hayden Mahan

Canopy Influence on Throughfall in a Transitional Cloud Forest

Sarah Bleakney, Natalie Teale, Amelie Berger, Hayden Mahan, Anita Rapp, Oliver Frauenfeld, Steven Quiring, and Brendan Roark

Hydrogeologic Processes in a Transitional Tropical Forest

Leland Cohen, Gretchen Miller, and Andrea DuMont

Impacts of Precipitation Variability on Throughfall in a Tropical Transitional Forest

Hayden Mahan, Anita Rapp, Natalie Teale, Amelie Berger, Sarah Bleakney, Steven Quiring, Oliver Fraunfeld, and Brendan Roark

Transpiration rates and responses in a tropical pre‐montane forest

Gretchen Miller, Georgianne Moore, Graciela Orozco, and Andrea DuMont

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