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The participants selected to be involved with the REU will meet at the College Station campus of Texas A&M University for 2 weeks to:

  1. prepare a small research proposal with their research mentor (see recent Field Projects)
  2. prepare field and laboratory equipment
  3. participate in seminars delivered by the faculty mentors on research methods and field safety

The students will then travel as a group to the Soltis Center for Research and Education in central Costa Rica where they will work with their faculty mentors to establish monitoring stations (week 3) and collect field data (weeks 4-8). While at the field station, students will attend topical discussion periods hosted by the participating faculty on hydrology, biogeography, climatology, geomorphology, ecohydrology and tropical environments, and field and laboratory methods.

At the completion of the field study (weeks 9 and 10), students will return to College Station to complete their analysis and present their preliminary research findings at a dedicated research symposium.

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